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Reasons why casinos can ban your gambling account

It is frustrating to receive a notification that your favourite casino has banned your online account. Several casino enthusiasts have encountered this problem. But, they are unable to find the reason behind blocking their casino accounts.

How to know that the casino has frozen your account

While logging in to the casino, you can easily identify notifications about banning the account. In most cases, the notification pops up when you try to make a transaction and load a casino game. Moreover, the blocked players will receive emails revealing the details of the locked account.

Potential reasons for blocking and banning the casino gambling account.

Several unsuccessful attempts for login

Some players cannot provide the right login details, and it results in multiple failed accounts. The legitimate online casinos have added a safety feature to detect these activities. They try to prevent hackers from forcefully cracking a password. That is why multiple failed attempts can cause blockage to the casino account.

However, genuine players at and any other site can contact customer representatives. When there is a sign of violation, the casino will turn on the 2-factor authentication system to secure your account.

Verification not done

You may have created an account on the online casino site. However, you have not gone through the verification steps. New players must provide their valid IDs for the account verification. Until they have done it, their account will be blocked.

Licensed casinos always verify their players’ identitiesand prevent unethical activities.

Underage- Age criteria not fulfilled-

It is another reason for banning your casino account. There are several strict regulations regarding gambling activities. Casinos should prevent minors from the world of gambling. Moreover, a casino may be at risk when it permits underage players to gamble. Thus, while the ID reveals that the player is a minor, the casino will ban his account.

Duplicate gaming account-

One player can create a single account on a particular casino platform. Virtual casinos have an advanced system to track duplicate gambling accounts with their IP addresses. Although you have chosen a new for every account, the casino will identify it easily.It can detect multiple accounts to a single IP address.

Duplicate account creationmay happen accidentally. In some cases, players forget their account login details, and they think of creating a new one.

Harvesting bonus offers in illegitimate ways

Online casinos offer welcome bonuses and other promotions to stimulate new players to continue playing the games. From deposit bonuses to free spins, there are several options. However, some players try to take advantage of bonuses with multiple account creation. But, it can lead to the permanent banning of the account.

Data breach

When the casino finds that the hackerhas attempted toaccessits database, it will lock all accounts. The casino will ask you to create a new password before engaging in gambling activities.

These are some potential reasons for banning your accounts on the online casino platform. However, you must read the terms and conditions before joining the casino.

Jose Cole
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