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5 Famous Celebrity Poker Players

Playing Poker can be fun, but it also comes with a risk. First, of course, there’s money involved in the game, so you should be ready for the possibilities. However, if you’re a celebrity with a lot to spare, you...

Card Game

How to make a new card game

Creating a new card game can be as easy as taking old card games and changing some rules. Just look at heart. The heart is a trick card game for three to six players. This is best played with four...

Card Game

Poker – card game with difference

Anyone who has played poker will agree that poker is not like other card games. This is not just a skill game. Experience, emotions and attitudes. Even the psychology of people playing games is very important to win. Not surprisingly...


Take advantage of bonus bingo

If you are new to online bingo games, then you will not realize Bingo Bonus. There are various types of bonus bingo online available for the players. Mentioned below are some bonus bingo that makes players play for more: One...


Tips for winning the lottery

Most of us believe that winning the lottery is entirely in the hands of Lady Luck - Dewi Wealth. He is the main entity and the only one to decide whether we will win the lottery or not. But, this...

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