5 Famous Celebrity Poker Players

Playing Poker can be fun, but it also comes with a risk. First, of course, there’s money involved in the game, so you should be ready for the possibilities. However, if you’re a celebrity with a lot to spare, you might want to have your hands on the games. You might be surprised to find stars who don’t only love playing Poker but are great at it. Here are five of them.

  • Gerard Pique

This European footballer, who happens to be the husband of Shakira, has an impressive career in Poker. He learned how to play Poker while playing for Manchester United before moving to Spain. He has won over a quarter of a million pounds since he started. Making more on the side isn’t a bad deal for someone who is already earning well as a major league athlete. If you wish to try your luck poker, the globally recognised NetBet platform is a good place to start.

  • Matt Damon and Ed Norton×0/filters:focal(1955×1085:1965×1075)/

These two celebrities deserve to be on the same list since they starred in Rounders, a film about a casino. While they did an excellent job acting their part in the movie, they can also replicate their brilliance in real life. Both are poker lovers and have been actively playing for a long time.

  • Ben Affleck

You probably know Ben Affleck as an impressive actor who has tons of movie hits. You also know him as a close friend of Matt Damon as they shared an Oscar for writing several years ago. Apart from acting and writing, these friends also share a love for Poker. For Affleck, the love for casino games started at a young age. He also played in Molly Bloom’s cash games. He has a reputation for being cautious with his money when playing. For someone who earns a lot, you might think that he can spend as much as he wants on the table.

  • Jennifer Tilly

While other celebrities are surprisingly great at Poker, Jennifer built a name by being a Poker star. Everyone knows how great she is at the game. However, you might not know that she also starred in several hit films like Liar Liar and The Haunted Mansion. She was also in the Bride of Chucky. Given her success in Poker, she listed having won over 740,000 pounds since she started playing.

  • Toby Maguire

You only know him as Spiderman, but Toby has been a Poker player for over 15 years now. However, unlike other people on the list, he has a reputation for being terrible while playing. Fellow celebrities usually dub him a jerk when playing. He also has a special shuffler whom he pays and won’t play without one. So, this friendly neighbourhood superhero isn’t too friendly on the table after all.

These celebrities prove that you can do more if you want to. Who knows? You will find your true luck in Poker. As long as you enjoy the game and you don’t put yourself under pressure, you’re good. You can even make a name for yourself in no time.×368.jpg

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