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How to make a new card game

Creating a new card game can be as easy as taking old card games and changing some rules. Just look at heart.

The heart is a trick card game for three to six players. This is best played with four players. The game object is to avoid taking a heart card in the trick.

For each hand, the cards are handled one by one facing down around the circle as far as they will go the same. Additional cards are left to side, not visible. The player with two clubs then became the first major player.

The main players put the card, and each player in turn moved clockwise around the circle putting the card. The cards must match the tin card settings if possible. Players play the highest card in the settings led taking tricks, and leading to the next trick. The cardiary card cannot be led until someone is played that does not match the main card.

Heart cards are taken in tricks each point score. The player with the lowest score when the score of another player reaches 100 won the game.

New rules have been added from time to time to make new heart card games. Pass three cards added after an agreement and before playing. You pass three cards to the player, and a player passes three cards to you.

Another rule commonly called ‘shooting months’ was added. With this rule, if you take all the rating cards during the hand, you score zero points, and each other player prints a total of all the rating cards in the game. Or you reduce the total assessment card from your current score.

One new rule made the Queen of Spades assessment card worth 13 points, while other new rules made ten scorch diamonds worth minus-10 points.

With new rules come new names for some of these games. People now play black queens or heart omnibus are not hearts.

So what can you do to make a new heart game?

You can change the rules to make all the red card score cards. Heart and diamond cards every score of 1 point. Or you can make a heart card every score of 1 point, and the diamond card each score is minus-1 point.

Or you can change the rules so that two to nine hearts each score of two points, while keeping ten through the Ace of Hearts each scoring one point.

Or you can add some rules from eight crazy to make the heart more attractive. You can play the card with the same ranking with the card set by the player to your right, no matter what the tin suit is. And you can play eight and change tin card settings. (Eight will be included in the new lawsuit.)

Or you can change the criteria for winning the game. The player with a second lowest score when the score of another player reaches 100 winning the game.

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